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8 Nov 2010

F1 climax approaches

In 7 days time, we will have a new Formula One world Champion.

Either Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Mark Webber or Sebastien Vettel (Both Red Bull) will be crowned champion at the sport's season-ending race in Abu Dhabi this Sunday. Alonso heads into the weekend 8 points clear of Webber and 15 ahead of Vettel. Lewis Hamilton is still in with a shout, but at 24 points behind with just 25 maximum available, it would take an extreme set of events for him to turn it in his favour.

Fernando Alonso would become the youngest ever 3-time World Champion if he can come out on top on Sunday, while Webber would cap off a fantastic career if he won it, and Vettel would prove himself as the greatest young driver for a number of years.
The maths is a little confusing when it comes to who must do what to win the title. This years scoring system:

If Alonso wins the race or finishes 2nd, he is Champion regardless of all other contenders.
If Alonso finishes 3rd or 4th or 5th, Webber and Vettel need to be 2nd or lower.
If Alonso finishes 6th or 7th, Webber must finish 3rd or lower, and Vettel 2nd or lower.

Webber must win the race with Alonso lower than 3rd.
If Webber finishes 2nd, Alonso must be 6th or lower and Vettel must not win.
If Webber finishes 3rd, Alonso must be 7th or lower and Vettel must not win.
If Webber finishes 4th or 5th, Alonso must 9th or lower and Vettel must not win.
If Webber finishes 6th, he cannot win the Title.

Vettel must win the Race with Alonso lower than 5th
If Vettel finishes 2nd, Alonso must finish 9th or lower and Webber must not win.
If Vettel finishes 3rd, he cannot win the title.

Hamilton must win the race to have any chance.
If he wins, Vettel must be 3rd or worse, Webber 4th or worse and Alonso 6th or worse.

So, very likely for Alonso to win, 7-11 with some bookies now. Webber is the best placed challenger, but he has the not-so-small problem of his team-mate to overcome, a team-mate who is unlikely to pull over to help Webber to win the title.

Just the usual simplicity of Formula 1 then.


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